WIPO Green – The Sustainable Technology Marketplace

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity. Services provided by WIPO and regularly used by our clients include the international patent application system (ie: the PCT system) and the international trademark registration system (ie: the Madrid system).

A new initiative has been set up by WIPO that will help the adaptation and use of environmental technologies that can significantly contribute to worldwide efforts towards achieving a low-carbon economy. This initiative, known as WIPO Green, seeks to facilitate the accelerated adaptation, adoption and deployment of these technologies, particularly in the developing countries and emerging economies. WIPO Green is at present in pilot form and provides a database where technology companies and others can upload information relating to “green” technologies for sale or licensing. The intention of WIPO is to develop a partnership hub and supporting services to facilitate sales, joint ventures, collaborations and other forms of technology transfer.

Membership is open to private and for-profit organizations, nonprofit and civil society organizations, industry organizations, private foundations, academic institutions and other publicly and privately funded research and product development groups.

An account can be set up at no cost on the WIPO Green website.