Watermark Intellectual Property expands its Sydney practice with ICT and medical devices expert

James Wan has joined the Sydney office of Watermark as Senior Associate, Patent and Trade Marks Attorney and Lawyer.

James brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a broad range of disciplines, including software, IT, electronics, fintech and medical devices, providing assistance to universities, Government research institutes, startups, SMEs and large multinationals.

Prior to joining Watermark, James was an In-house Attorney at ResMed Limited for over four years.  His experience also includes almost a decade in working with IP firms in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“What drew me in returning to private practice is the ability to assist Australian businesses, specifically the ICT and medical devices sectors in developing their IP strategy and portfolio to support and achieve their commercial goals.  A firm like Watermark is ideally placed to assist the large majority of Australian businesses, in that it has the expertise to provide the range of IP services they need,” said James.

He added, “technology trends which will continue to have significant economic impact include big data analytics, blockchain technology applications, cloud computing/storage, IoT technologies, machine learning/artificial neural networks and the consumerisation of 3D printing. Businesses that are innovating in these areas will require a robust IP strategy to enhance and protect their enterprise value and to create a sustainable competitive advantage globally. Startups in particular need to concentrate their resources protecting their highest value propositions and carefully manage their limited IP budgets to minimise waste.”

‘In what is a significant addition to the Watermark Sydney practice, James will bring a skill set and industry focus which complements and builds on our national team, and will add considerable value for our local client base,’ said Mark Bisset, Executive General Manager, Watermark.