Watermark, inaugural platinum sponsor of the THE LINK

THE LINK website has been officially launched in Perth today, marking an important milestone for Western Australia for innovative collaboration between university, local Government and business.

The digital portal, which is a joint initiative between Edith Cowan University and the City of Joondalup, aims to bring together innovators and entrepreneurs, business, research and industry to encourage collaboration and business growth.

“The aim of THE LINK is to encourage and sustain collaboration to help develop and enrich our economy. At its heart, The LINK aims to foster relationships across a diversity of stakeholders.” commented, Mark Pullen, Principal, Watermark.

According to Mark, “THE LINK reflects Watermark’s core belief in building breadth and depth of relationships with all parties we work with.

“Working together to achieve the best outcome is part of what we do, part of who we are. Through the LINK, Watermark can connect, inform, engage and encourage the development of those relationships.”

“Our support of this exciting project reflects Watermark’s commitment and contribution to innovative industries from grass roots to global enterprise.”

Over the coming months, Watermark will be a regular contributor to THE LINK, providing guidance and support for start ups, SMEs and the research community.

Watermark is delighted to be the original Platinum Sponsor of THE LINK.

We invite you to visit THE LINK at thelink.space