Watermark Client Wins a Major International Innovation Award

Quickstep Holdings Ltd, a long time client of Watermark, has been awarded the JEC Innovation Award in the ‘Process’ category at the JEC Asia 2012 Show.

JEC, one of the world’s largest composite industry associations, created these awards in 1998 to identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide and contribute to the advancement of the composite industry.

Quickstep is an Australian company involved in the manufacture of advanced composites, as well as research and development in this area. Watermark has assisted Quickstep in obtaining patent protection for their composite component production technology both here in Australia and internationally.

The award is in recognition of Quickstep’s resin spray transfer (RST) process which can produce high quality composite parts more cheaply and efficiently than conventional processes. This process is particularly directed to the automotive industry as it is capable of mass producing composite parts such as car panels with a Class A automotive finish.

Further details of Quickstep and its various production processes including the RST process can be found at www.quickstep.com.au.