WA innovator puts an end to crying over spilt milk (and coffee)

Watermark has advised No Rock Table Technology on their innovative table base technology which is set to see an end to wobbly tables and the associated drinks spillages in cafes, restaurants and bars. No more need to slide a coaster under a foot of the table, or to brace the table with your own foot to keep the table from wobbling.

The technology, created by entrepreneur, Chris Heyring, uses an elegantly simple mechanical system with four pivoting legs that are interconnected in such a way that they must reach an average weight loading on all four feet. When a table is placed on an uneven surface, the feet will move until all four feet reach a state of equilibrium or stability.

No Rock Table Technology is the latest stabilising innovation developed by Chris Heyring. His previous achievements include the successful Kinetic Suspension Systems and Nauti-Craft Marine Suspension. Kinetic Suspension Systems have been used by some of the world’s leading automotive companies such as Toyota, Nissan and McLaren, and Nauti-Craft is well advanced in designing marine vessels under license for use in the recreational and offshore workboat markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Mr Heyring says the basic functionality of a No Rock table base is closely related to the hydraulic systems used by Kinetic or Nauti-Craft, however, No Rock table bases have been developed to work as purely mechanical systems.

“The problem of rocking cafe tables had bugged me for years and I always thought there must be a simple, elegant mechanical solution based on the 4 point support systems I had invented for the automotive business,” said Chris Heyring. The result is an elegant, simple and robust table base design which has been patented in Australia and overseas and has now made its debut on the Australian market.

Mark Pullen, Principal of Watermark, who has been advising Chris and his team on patents and trade marks for over 10 years, said that he was delighted to see the project come to fruition. “Its tremendously satisfying to embark on a journey with such passionate people, to help them commercialise their innovation and see the positive impact of their unique technology,” he said.