The Snowdome Foundation has a new home

The Snowdome Foundation (Snowdome) was set up in Australia in late 2009 with the primary focus of raising funds for research and local clinical trials to deliver new and advanced therapies to patients in Australia with blood cancers (lymphoma, leukaemia and multiple myeloma).

Snowdome identified an unmet need in the treatment of blood cancers and a gap in access to new therapies for Australian patients. Currently, access to new therapies in Australia is by recruitment into multi centre clinical trials that are typically sponsored by global pharmaceutical companies. While this is a valid model there can be limited opportunity for recruitment of patients in Australia. Through the efforts of its Steering Committee and its CEO, Susan Timbs, Snowdome is already supporting a number of local clinical trials lead by very experienced Australian experts who are global leaders in this ground breaking area of blood cancer.

It is hoped that the innovative approach taken by Snowdome will translate to new paradigms of treatment for patients with blood cancers.

Watermark is proud to support Snowdome by providing office accommodation for the foundation and pro bono IAM services. To find out more about the foundation email The Snowdome website is coming soon.