Competitive Business Intelligence

Work smarter.

Understanding the competitive business landscape is fundamental to the ongoing success of your company.  An awareness of any new developments and innovations in the marketplace is also crucial.  But it stands to reason that you’re busy running your own business.

Let Watermark do the hard work of monitoring your industry.  We can give you the crucial insight that you need to put your IP activities into a competitive and commercial context.  Our Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI) team provides vital insight into what your competitors are up to. So you can stay on top of business.

Our competitive analysis examines the past, the present and the future of your industry.  By looking back, we can see what patents already exist and how that affects your business.  We also monitor the current landscape and keep an eye to the future – so that you are always alerted of your competitors’ movements.

Patents made perfect.

Patents are a valuable source of technical information – in fact, 80% of technical information in patents appear in no other published form.  It’s crucial that you keep abreast of patents in your field to protect the value of your business.

Monitoring patents is an expensive and complex exercise.  However, Watermark has the technical resources to provide the comprehensive monitoring that you need – giving you an expansive view of the global patent landscape.  This insight is crucial to your business strategy and decision making.  It also enables you to articulate the value of your developments and can spark vital ideas.

By understanding the competitive landscape, your business can discover investment opportunities, as well as identifying new companies, possible threats, and partnership and collaboration opportunities.

We have a simple four-step process:

  1. We work with you to understand your areas of interest and technology including key subject matter terms
  2. Our IP software aggregates all the relevant patent and non-patent literature, producing a unique two-dimensional map
  3. Our visualisation report allows you to look for areas where a competitor(s) might have recently filed patents, and identify:
  • Whether they are on your turf
  • Whether there are any trends in filing activity from previous years
  • Whether your patent filing activity is in line with your competitors
  • Whether there is a commercial reason why R&D might be focused in a few select areas
  1. We provide affordable and ongoing patent alerts, sending relevant, new patent filings directly to your inbox as soon as they published

Our visualisation report illustrates the scope, scale and interconnectedness of your competitive landscape.  Armed with this insight, we’ll strategise with you to identify any potential issues, future innovations and opportunities for your business.

Effective branding.

Crafting a distinctive brand name, domain name or tagline sets your product apart.  We can assist you with selecting a unique brand name or tagline.

We do this by analysing the filing patterns of other businesses in your competitive landscape.  Trade mark filing patterns can also yield insights into when your competitors are about to launch new products with new claims and features.  With our comprehensive analysis and subsequent protective measures, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your unique brand is formally registered and protected.

You can also let us know what brands and competitors you would like to track and we can provide you with regular updates.

Eye on design.

You have invested significant creative effort and energy into shaping your functional design.  We believe that design is worthy of protection.

Before you sign off on a final design, pattern or piece of machine tooling, we focus our expertise on making sure your creative output is given the protection it deserves.  And most importantly, that it avoids any possible infringement with a competitor.

Watermark can also provide your marketing and creative teams with a regular pictorial portfolio on recently filed and published designs relevant to your industry or product category.

We can regularly update you on the design filing patterns of competitors and retailers.  By keeping abreast of design filing patterns, you will have competitive insight into when brand owners are about to launch new products with new claims and features.

Let us know what types of products and competitors you would like to track and we can update you regularly.

At Watermark your creative design is always secure.

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