SEMINAR: Protecting IP after employees or consultants leave. 17 July 2018 (Vic)


In partnership with the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia, Watermark is presenting: ‘Protecting IP after employees or consultants leave.’

Human Capital is the building block of all business, and lies at the very heart of intellectual capital and specifically intellectual property. This event will discuss:

  • Distinguishing Inventors, Authors, Designers and Owners
  • Confidential Information: characterising it and managing it
  • Intellectual property ownership and co ownership
  • Contractual norms for employees and consultants regarding confidential information, intellectual property ownership and restraint of trade
  • Intellectual Property ownership policy in the private and public sector
  • Risk mitigation: Practical Induction and Exit procedures and what to do when it all goes wrong
  • Decided cases on IP ownership and loss of confidential information

In-house lawyers are invited to participate in this seminar.  Eligible participants will receive 1 CPD point for practice management and business/legal skills or practice.

Date:  17 July 2018

Time:  7.30 – 9.00am

Presenter:  Karen Sinclair, Principal, Patent & Trade Marks Attorney

Location:  Watermark Boardroom, level 1, 109 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122.

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