Amanda Jones

Principal, Patent & Trade Marks Attorney

With over 10 years’ experience as a medical scientist, Amanda has worked in both diagnostic and research laboratories in the healthcare sector. Her practical experience is in DNA analysis, gene rearrangement studies and cell flow cytometry for the diagnosis of cancer and haematological disorders as well as immunohaemotology and diagnostic biochemistry and microbiology.

Amanda has a particular interest in biotechnology and its application in the healthcare sector. This has created opportunities for Amanda’s patent practice to include pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology and its applications in the medicinal and agricultural fields, food technology and processing, plant breeder’s rights, nutraceuticals, diagnostic methods and vaccine technology.

  • Medical diagnostics
  • Molecular and recombinant technologies
  • Cell markers and flow cytometry
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Plant breeding processes and transgenic plants
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food products and food processing
  • Plant Breeder’s Rights
  • Human treatments and treatment devices
  • Branding strategy and trade mark protection, defence and enforcement
  • Intellectual asset management
  • The leading role in the intellectual asset management audit of the Florey Neurosciences Institutes (FNI) following the amalgamation of the Howard Florey Institute, the Brain Research Institute and the National Stroke Research Institute. The audit report presented to the FNI Board identified the intellectual assets (IA) and the IA management systems of the partner institutes and provided a blueprint for best practice in the management of the IA of the FNI.
  • Providing strategic advice and assistance to a local client in the identification, protection and management of their intellectual assets. This client was the recipient of the prestigious Licensing Executive Society International Global Award 2010 which is presented to a team whose business plan best deals with intellectual property rights and their use in the global business environment.
  • Successful prosecution of numerous Australian patent applications relating to pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics and methods of medical treatment, nutraceuticals, molecular biology and its applications, chemicals and chemical processes, food products and food processing, transgenic plants and animals.
  • Participation in the opposition to an Australian patent application relating to the production of a dairy product, leading to a commercial settlement of the matter and securing the client’s continued freedom to operate in Australia.
  • Providing strategic advice and assistance to a local client with the protection and management of its brands in Australia and international markets.
  • Involvement in Federal Court mediation and the successful enforcement of an international client’s trade mark rights in Australia to prevent the further importation and sale of an inferior counterfeit product.
  • Consultant to the Western Australian State Government assisting in the implementation of the State’s Intellectual Property Policy and providing advice on the protection, management and commercialisation of public sector IP.

Registered Patent & Trade Marks Attorney (Australia & New Zealand)

Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Technology, Haematology), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Company Directors Course – Foundations of Directorship, Australian Institute of Company Directors

Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law, University of Melbourne


The Institute of Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys (IPTA), Fellow

Board Member and Committee Member The Snowdome Foundation

Board of Directors Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision


BioMelbourne Network

Beyond the Desk

As a proponent of corporate social responsibility and giving back, Amanda is involved with a number of registered charities including the Snowdome Foundation (Board Director and Committee Member), Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision (Rotating Board Member), Soap Aid (pro bono IP adviser) and The Koala Kids Foundation (pro bono IP adviser). When time allows, she enjoys tending her garden and reaping the benefits of her toils.