Happy Birthday Robin Boyd

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the iconic Australian architect, designer and social commentator Robin Boyd (1919-1971).

The Robin Boyd Foundation (RBF) was established in January 2005 to protect and advance the legacy of Robin Boyd. The mission of the Foundation is to continue the work and ethos of Robin Boyd and his advocacy of the value of good architecture and an Australian design culture. Through the work of the Foundation including events, open days, publications and design discussions the Foundation’s aims are to deepen understanding of the benefits of design through design awareness, design literacy and design advocacy.  Further information can be found at: www.robinboyd.org.au

The Foundation is responsible for preserving the iconic Walsh Street family home designed by Robin Boyd in 1958. Walsh Street is recognised internationally as one of Robin Boyd’s most prestigious houses, and is listed in the Victorian Heritage Register.  Additionally, the Foundation has a commercial partnership to produce furniture items that replicate the original designs by Robin Boyd for the Walsh Street home (Boyd Collection).

To celebrate the centenary of Robin’s birth, the RBF is partnering with design and architecture organisations in Melbourne, regional Victoria, and throughout Australia to host a series of exhibitions, talks, and activities to pay tribute to the legacy of Boyd’s work.

Watermark is proud to provide pro bono IP services to the RBF.