Global Patent Filings See Fastest Growth in 18 Years

WIPO has published a new report indicating that in 2012 global patent filings increased at a rate not seen in nearly two decades. Intellectual Property filings sharply rebounded since a 2009 decline during the global financial crisis.

The report shows patent filings grew by 9.2% (2.35 million applications filed) in 2012. Utility model filings increased by 23.4%, industrial design filings by 17%, and trademark filings by 6.0%.

The 2013 edition of the World Intellectual Property Indicators also shows that for the first time, China was ranked first for both the source (filings by China) and the destination (filed in China) for the four types of intellectual property (patents, utility models, trade marks and industrial designs). Continued rapid filing growth in China is the main driver of global IP growth.

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry said “Following the 2009 financial crisis, global intellectual property filings and global economic output have followed diverging paths.” He added “while economic recovery since the 2009 crisis has been uneven and has failed to bring down unacceptably high levels of unemployment, IP filings have increased at a faster rate than before the crisis.”

The full report may be accessed on the WIPO website.