ECU’s Enterprise Tuesday Events start in February

The Office of Research and Innovation of Edith Cowan University (ECU) commences its 2015 ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ series of events on Tuesday 17 February 2015.

The first session is titled “Mindsets and Motivations – What starts an entrepreneurial journey?”

This session focuses on what drives an entrepreneur to take an idea and/or technology and turn it into a growth business. It will feature two speakers; one from ECU’s Strategic Business Development office, and another from industry, who will present and examine a case of an entrepreneurial company that has successfully transformed from an early stage idea to a real venture.

The Enterprise Tuesday series consists of eight evening lectures and networking sessions. Each event builds on the previous event and aims to:

  • inspire entrepreneurship; and
  • link academia with the business community.

Attendance is free and open to all, from academic researchers, students and staff, to community members, business owners, start-ups, and budding and successful entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Tuesday connects academia and the world of business, and inspires individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial ambition. The business community has an opportunity to mix with academics/researchers and is a chance for all participants to build and extend their quality networks. Attendees considering founding a start-up business based on a new idea or commercialization of their academic research can learn from the experiences of others, and have an opportunity to build the necessary networks to help them succeed.

Session two runs on Tuesday 10 March 2015 and is titled “Recognising Opportunity – Big business ideas – where do they come from?”

A not to be missed series of events. Visit the ECU website for more information and registration for sessions.

If you are attending an Enterprise Tuesday session and have any questions on aspects of intellectual property, technology commercialisation and R&D tax incentives, please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Watermark Perth professional staff or when otherwise convenient for you.