ECU Enterprise Tuesday Watermark Competition Announces a Winner

Eye Drive hazard perception technology by Steve Shaw recently won the ECU Enterprise Tuesday Watermark Competition. Congratulations to Steve Shaw on this win.

The ECU Enterprise Tuesday Watermark Competition is a collaboration between Edith Cowan University’s Office of Research and Innovation and Watermark.

Mr Shaw intends to use the prize money to create new branding and Eye Drive logo; “there are no second chances at a first impression, so my business branding and logo are going to benefit from this win!”

Watermark is proud to work with ECU to support start-ups and MSME businesses, entrepreneurs and innovation in Australia. Intellectual property is a vital asset of any business, branding and trade marks being just two aspects of a robust suite of intellectual assets that a business can call on to protect and advance business growth.

A large number of high calibre applications were received. Steve Shaw’s innovation Eye Drive technology secured first place from the five finalists competing for the $2,000 prize at a live pitch event.

“The Eye Drive hazard perception system utilises eye-tracking technology to monitor a driver’s gaze on a non-interactive HD Display, providing an analysis of their visual attention and effective visual field of view”, Mr Shaw explains. “This translates effectively into a test for hazard perception, and the results from the on-screen simulation are replicated in the ‘real world’ environment”. The Eye Drive hazard perception system can generate driver gaze ‘heat maps’ identifying where in particular drive scene the driver is looking, and that ‘heat map’ can be compared with similar ‘heat maps’ of other drivers or to an expected standard for hazard perception abilities.

The Enterprise Tuesday program has been sponsored by Watermark through 2015. Several Watermark clients presented at the various sessions during the year, providing valuable business insights and experiences to entrepreneurs and early stage businesses.

Mr Shaw attended a number of Enterprise Tuesday Sessions throughout 2015 in order to assist him throughout his entrepreneurial journey, “One of the first sessions I went to was on ‘Mindsets and Motivations’. Gauging the experience of others and the potential sources for solutions provides a perspective and motivation to look beyond the problem; to see there is always a solution.”