An Invitation to Leverage our Networks

Can we use our network to assist you to advocate for your business or industry?

Watermark personnel are not only well networked, but are routinely involved in positions of leadership and influence in interest groups external of the company. This is so that we can both stay abreast of the issues in the industries and geographic regions in which we work, and represent our clients’ interests where possible. Where many interest groups were once passive in their engagement with the State and Federal Government, increasingly they work to facilitate engagement of their members with policy and law-makers and to advocate for improvements to the operating environments in which their members trade.

At Watermark, we welcome the opportunity to assist clients who wish to take advantage of our networks and external activities to put their point of view, directly or indirectly, to Government on matters affecting their business. One benefit of using us as a conduit is that anonymity can be maintained where commercially issues are involved or where it is deemed necessary or appropriate. We can also write submissions or research background material and information to support a position that you wish to present.

The Innovation Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham) seeks to foster a vibrant, sustainable and globally competitive innovation ecosystem in Australia by supporting investment and transfer of innovation ‘best practice’ through advocacy and education.

Following a recent visit to Canberra to engage with leaders on key issues affecting two-way trade and investment, the Committee is seeking feedback on specific examples of the impediments to further U.S. investment in Australia.

In particular, AmCham seeks case studies and anecdotes on the following, in order to gather support, create policies and grow the economy in Australia:

  • Immigration and visas (i.e. the Global Talent Scheme);
  • R&D Tax Incentive;
  • Innovation policy generally; and
  • Future workforce / reskilling.

The information is to be presented to Government early in December. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to help make a real difference for your company, industry, and the country.

Please contact Karen Sinclair, Principal who is a Victorian Governor of AmCham as well as the Chair of the Victorian branch of the Women in Leadership Committee of the Chamber. Karen can be contacted on +613 9819 1664 or +613 9810 1434 if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, or to explore where else we have connections that might assist you.