Steve Krouzecky is a keen golfer with a passion for electrical engineering.

"I had always found engineering fascinating but I found myself gravitating towards the patent profession. It added another dimension for me. What I love about this profession is the interaction between two ends of the spectrum; scientists and inventors on one end and lawyers and communicators on the other. "

I AM: Persistent

Title: Consultant

Qualifications: BAppSc (Elec Tech), FIPTA

Like many others, I was exposed to this profession by chance but realised it was right for me. I started as a searcher while I completed my technical qualification part time.

My specialisation is electronics, computer related and systems inventions, but I have had a lot of experience in mechanical and mining related inventions and in trade marks. 

I have a particular interest in the gaming industry (as an attorney, not a gambler!) and have acted for the largest manufacturer of gaming machines in the world for the last 4 years, specialising in their Australian, Macau and China patent portfolios for systems and technology related inventions. I also developed some expertise in nuclear quadrupole resonance technology and EFTPOS systems, having worked for leading companies in this technology in the past.

In recent years I have developed an interest in the professional body FICPI that represents patent and trade mark attorneys in Australia and internationally. I am currently the Australian secretary of that organisation, and also the President of the Training and Commission of that organisation, internationally. 

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