Clover Corporation

Dr Craig Patch

Watermark took over management of Clover Corporation's trade mark portfolio of over 90 trade mark properties in 2011.  Prior to this time, Clover Corporation's trade mark properties were managed by several different service providers.  Watermark's approach has been distinguished by it's strong focus on ensuring that the trade marks Clover Corporation files and maintains are aligned with the commercial strategy of the company. They have not been afraid to suggest that we limit jurisdictions, or lapse non-working assets.

More recently, I have worked with Watermark in the patent space. Clover Corporation has been striving to focus the commercialisation of it's technology in areas of real commercial value. While I had been aware of the capacity to map and analyse patent landscapes for commercial information as a means of driving innovation, I was pleasantly surprised that the cost of Watermark carrying out this work for Clover Corporation was less than a quarter of the estimate that I had been given elsewhere.  

Furthermore, Watermark's flexibility and engagement with my technical staff in carrying out the task delivered an end product which was highly informative, and persuasive in Board meetings that I ran in which we addressed corporate innovation and commercialisation strategy.

I can highly recommend Watermark's trade mark management and technology and market analysis services.