Akaal Pharma Pty Ltd

Dr Gurmit Gill

Akaal Pharma is a clinical-stage biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs for the treatment of inflammation and autoimmune disease.

Akaal Pharma has worked with Watermark and Grant Jacobsen since 2008 principally to obtain patent protection for their small molecule drugs. Throughout the relationship, Watermark has taken a commercially orientated approach with a strong focus on value. Particularly, Watermark has been conscious of Akaal’s status as a small start-up and has consistently offered cost relevant advice, enabling Akaal to defer numerous actions and associated costs.

Watermark has ensured that the scope of Akaal’s patent filings was aligned with the commercial strategy of the company. Of particular note was the issuance of a United States patent which broadly covered Akaal’s key molecules.

Furthermore, Watermark has taken a pragmatic approach to Akaal’s ongoing developments and has often recommended that a patent application not be filed, if the value of such a filing was seen as low. This, again, positively impacted Akaal’s cost position.

Akaal Pharma highly recommends Watermark’s expertise in patents and their commercial focus on intellectual property.