From the people we work with

"Watermark has a long association with Barker Brettell and has assisted our UK clients in protecting their intellectual assets in Australia and New Zealand. As well as filing and registering patents, trade marks and designs, Watermark has provided strategic advice to our clients about enforcing their intellectual property rights. We at Barker Brettell are looking forward to continuing our strong relationship with Watermark into the future".

John Lawrence
Barker Brettell

"Watermark has acted for Securency International Pty Ltd since 2004 and has helped Securency to build up and protect its intellectual assets in relation to Australia's Polymer Bank Note technology which has been exported to over 25 countries around the globe. In addition to managing Securency's large international patent and trade mark portfolio, Watermark has successfully defended Securency's patents against oppositions by major competitors in Europe.

Watermark has conducted an Intellectual Property audit and an extensive competitor analysis for Securency using sophisticated patent analytical tools. This provided a useful insight into competitors activities and affirmed Securency's IP policies in protecting and extracting value from its intellectual assets. Above all, Watermark understands our business."

Gary Power
Innovia Security (formerly Securency)

Watermark has made a significant contribution to the value of our company. Thanks to the razor-sharp intellect of our Watermark advisors, their deep understanding of the patent process in a number of jurisdictions, and their flexibility in working with our inventors, our patent applications have progressed rapidly. This, together with the portfolio management strategies that Watermark has helped us to put in place, and their advice on our intellectual assets more generally, have resulted in a solid and extensive IP portfolio for our company, which has been key in securing investment and other funding."

Dr Jonathan Lacey, CEO
Ofidium Pty Ltd