Our history.

Watermark has been helping the world’s best innovators protect and defend their Intellectual Property for over 155 years. We’ve succeeded because we’ve kept our advice and our strategies relevant to modern markets.

And we’re still evolving.

Our founder, Edward Waters, was a pioneer. He left London in 1855 at the age of eighteen to make a mark for himself in Australia; a country then less than a hundred years old.

In 1859 he and Edwin Hart set up business as Hart and Waters. Their first patent application was filed on 9 May. Soon after the two went their separate ways and Edward Waters never looked back.

Edward established an excellent reputation and by 1896, when his son (also Edward) joined the firm, an advertisement for the newly named Edward Waters and Son claimed that they were conducting more than half the patent business in “this and the adjoining colonies”.

Edward Waters is widely acknowledged as the Father of the Profession in Australia. He was the initiating force behind setting up the Australian Institute of Patent Agents and was its inaugural president. His son Edward inherited his drive and his vision and continued to promote the patent profession in Australia and to grow the firm after his father’s death in 1917.

Today, the firm, now known as Watermark, is run by an enthusiastic team who live by the same pioneering philosophy as Edward Waters. Our commitment to Fresh Thinking ensures that our attorneys and staff are constantly looking for better ways to add value for our clients in an ever growing and changing worldwide marketplace.

We think Edward Waters would be proud.

edweing hart

In 1859, our founder, Edward Waters, and Edwin Hart set up Hart and Waters, which was situated at 63 Little Collins Street East, and their first patent application was filed on 9th May of that year.